A Flicker of Fate

My eyes are lazily drifting across the sea of faces. I let them wander, never too long in one region. Everyone seems to do the same, either a nervous habit or a curious pastime. A curl of hair, a laughing child, a familiar facial feature are all seen in flashes of movement. Then suddenly my vision is anchored in place, as if some foreign pull has drawn them to itself. I focus closer on the point of that invisible force, looking beyond the menagerie of colors and shapes. There I see a pair of eyes. There are many of the similar set around me but none drawing such attention. None of the other pairs dare stop my wandering glance. I see now that it is because they are fixed upon mine as intently as I theirs. Could it be that by some strange bond you were drawn to me as well? Is there something you see in me that keeps your gaze fixed in this jungle of sights? In the brief second that we continue this exchange, I feel as though maybe I have some business knowing you, or maybe you know something more of me than I do of you. Stranger, will one of us speak across this crowded room, and beckon fate to complete it’s work here? Or will we only be two passing ships in the night, bound for destinies as far as north and south? But this tie binding our hearts through our eyes is fragile as spider’s silk. Suddenly, as if one of us exhaled with too little care, the transparent cord is broken. We both look away. It is finished as quickly as it began. There is no proof of what happened here, the lives surrounding us buzz on, unaware of what they’ve witnessed. But as I turn away I cannot help but feel that our worlds, separated by some power greater than ourselves, reached for each other across a great chasm. What would our lives become, had destiny seen us through till the end?
Jamie Lovley © (via paperdrabbles)

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